Friday, February 8, 2008

Readings: did you read this one?

  • Another article on the implications of the proposed new copyright law from The Georgia Straight, Jan. 31, 2008: You can get your ... , by Blaine Kyllo
  • Downloadable Book posted by Val H to the BCTLA Forum -- Journalism 2.0: How to Survive and Thrive -- A digital literacy guide for the information age by Mark Briggs, who makes me feel really stupid when he writes, "Can you send an attachment with email? Then you have what it takes to publish a blog with pictures." He also notes that, "Blogs aren't always pretty to look at, but they can be published by anyone who can click a mouse and type" (54).

    I am going to read carefully Chapter 5: "How to Blog!" Here Briggs tells us, "A good blog is an ongoing conversation. It is facilitated by you, but, if it works, it may be dominated by your audience. If that happens, you win ... and most importantly, the readers win." Of course, he is writing for journalists, so I needn't be feeling as though I am having a conversation with myself if you are not commenting online, right? I will also see, in Chapter 8, how to add digital photos ... then I'll be blogging at full capacity. In his chapter on Web 2.0, Briggs writes about YouTube: "Sites such as Wikipedia, MySpace, YouTube, and Flickr create sophisticated warehouses of content -- without creating any content at all. It is ... an upside down model for creation when compared to the traditional methods anyone over 30 has grown up with" (27).
  • Tyee TL Chris's email this week about her trip to Christianne's Lyceum of Literature and Art ; the electronic flyer of professional development opportunities is a downloadable pdf on this site and registration information is there as well. Chris told us she was very impressed! "The space is beautiful, the programs extensive and Dr. Christianne Hayward is unpretentious, extremely talented and knowledgeable." Chris pointed out the 'light dinner' offer with these evening events and would probably love to get a group together for one or more of these. Aren't we lucky to live so close to opportunities such as these. Christianne will be presenting at Winter Tonic, so be sure to come and check her out!

  • Brad at Point Grey recommends this books: "We just got a book back from cataloguing, and it is a great resource." It's K-12. Click here for more information: PowerPoint for Teachers: Dynamic Presentations and Interactive Classroom Projects (Finkelstein/Samsonov, Jossey-Bass Teacher, 2008)

  • Jackie, Consultant, Social/Emotional Learning, here on the 4th floor "downtown" recommends this 26-page pdf package from the UK: Confident, capable, and creative: supporting boys' achievements.

Kudos for Their Brilliant TL Performances

  • Nancy at Weir: Was that you we saw at the BCTF news conference sharing your experience of the impact of e-testing on schools and, in particular, on school libraries? Check here.
  • Marisa at Fraser: Was that you we read about in the Murray Dobbin article in The Teacher magazine. It was about the school's Peace Choir and the work of our talented TL Marisa Orth-Pallavicini. Read "Songs of Peace: Making the world a better place", as posted by Val H to the BCTLA News blog. Check out Val's archives as well.
  • Frances at Hastings has started a blog of great resources for elementary French Immersion students. It was launched at the Technology Day workshop "French Electronic Resources" co-presented by Frances and Katharine from Churchill:


More next week on the TL workshops at various District Pro D Day and also Winter Tonic events.


Be sure to check out the Dragon's Lair flyer from Peggy

... and do let me know if you're bringing a class here.


See you at Winter Tonic

Gladstone on Tuesday at 4 pm ...



Always Worth a Look: Greg's TOP 10 Picks February 2008 (click on Links): Exciting Ideas and Opportunities for Social Studies Teachers and Students! Note that Greg is recommending Awesome Stories.

From Val O: FREE Resources for the first 100 people to complete a short feedback form -- The Gathering Place: An Exploration of Canada's Capital (Grades 5 – 8 Social Science) has now been delivered to over 10,000 schools across Canada, and they want to know what you think! This resource is available in French as well.

Looking for First Nations titles and resources? Deb, our administrator for Aboriginal Education, recommends as a great tool.

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