Friday, March 28, 2008

Great Resources for your e-Files

"Surviving Email Overload" is an article about managing email by the authors of a book called The Hamster Revolution. It includes some simple strategies you can implement tomorrow to cut down on the messages you send and receive. We should all read this! I have just cleared out my email and am determined to keep on top of it this time!

Tools for Change is the great catalogue of books, posters, calendars, CDs, bookmarks, cards, t-shirts, daybooks, and more that is put out by the Syracuse Cultural Workers. Their Fall/Winter Catalogue celebrates 25 years of revolutionary art.

Frontline: Growing Up Online was sent by Marlene Asselin who suggests that, "If you haven't seen this it's a MUST. " This link is to the production and the full TV program.

Historical Atlas of Canada Online has redesigned the three-volume 1993 print atlas set for the internet. Maps, text, and graphics are used to explore themes in Canadian history. The online version introduces interactive maps, zoom tools, map layers, and hypertexted tables of data for active engagement. Maptoours guide exploration of selected chapters of the atlas, provide instruction in navigating the information, and demonstrate the pathways the tools can be used to discover. Thanks, Chris E, for sending this great web resource.

CommonCraft video clips: Make sense of Web 2.0 tools for yourself and for students. This is easy to use with classes or to have them use to review a tool.

Guys Read is the website founded by Jon Scieszka, acclaimed author and former elementary teacher. The site has terrific resources for educators, parents, and students, and is easy to navigate. This link takes you to guys' picks of favorite books at different grade levels.

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