Monday, June 23, 2008

Change to the Summer Institute ... Stay Tuned!


The latest breaking news on the VSB TL Summer Institute:
The Changing Landscape of School Libraries


For the last-minute registrants, you who are still planning to register for the seven remaining places in the Summer Institute, you will notice that we have had to close off registration until further notice. For those who let me know today and earlier that they'd like to have attended the Summer Institute but on alternate dates, you can keep an eye on our Current Professional Development Opportunities link from the VSB webpage.

You have no idea how sorry I was to hear about James and to contemplate with Sandra how to work with James's instructions to re-schedule, given a concern for his health, and then to have to figure out how to make these changes. As soon as we have made a decision about this, we will put the notice here (scroll down to Teacher-librarians).

Here's the gist of the email sent out to the 23 already registered --

Hi all, and thanks so much for your interest in our Summer Institute. There is going to have to be a change as I have just received word that James has had a minor stroke; his doctor is not letting him travel until later in July.

I am working with Sandra Lee in Victoria to re-schedule or cancel this event. We are looking at the week of July 21-25 and also checking to see if James, who will travel from Vancouver to Victoria to Berkeley (IASL Conference) to PEI this summer before heading to Hong Kong and home to Australia, can stop en route from PEI in late August!

Cheques received are being returned at your request if you know you are unable to attend at these later dates. If you are willing to wait for new dates, delete Summer
Institute July 3-4 from your calendar, carry on with your summer plans, and await word later this week. You can still call me at 604-713-5016 or my assistant Diane at 713-5215 for the last week of June. I will be available by email ( and I will be posting my summer school contact information for July.

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