Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thanks, TL Rosalia in Brooklyn!

An article (posted in February to this blog) from The New York Times (02/16/2009), "The future of reading: In web age, library job gets update," has prompted attention to school libraries and the changing nature of the learning needs of students.

Ms Rosalia has prompted all kinds of media attention, much of it focussed positively on school libraries. From School Library Journal's Extra Helping, posted online (3/11/2009), comes the interview with Ms Rosalia who is unquestionably an articulate spokesperson for school libraries. It is entitled "Stephanie Rosalia: The New Poster Girl for School Libraries." Maybe we should invite her to BC -- and then construct some "lock-down" sessions for her!

This week, local Vancouver Sun reporter Mitch Joel alludes to the original NYT article by Mokoto Rich and asks, "Are young people really getting the right education for this brave new world, and how ready is business for the next wave of employees who work virtually, collaboratively, on their iPhones, and — to a certain extent — without paper?" See Joel's full article below.

Here in Vancouver and/or BC the question must be, Are we TLs up to doing the "updated" job that scaffolds the learning and better meets the needs of young people as they integrate their new tools for learning with curriculum-based inquiry opportunities in our schools? I would say we're getting there faster than most. I would say we have the answers, but that's that joke about (teacher) librarians anyway, isn't it! Read on.

Here comes the future: Is education ready?
The Vancouver Sun
12 Mar 2009

It’s not enough to just worry about how your revenues are going to look at the end of this quarter, and it’s also not enough to be thinking about how your business is going to adapt to new realities in the coming years. We need to take a serious more...

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