Sunday, June 21, 2009

On Chasing Overdues

... and Other Tedious June Chores

More than once these last few weeks, I have phoned to find the line to the library busy as TLs track down the recalcitrant borrowers. Have you ever considered "Fatal Beatings" as was Rowan Atkinson's solution to the problem of missing books. Thanks, Cheriee, for putting the laughter back in the month of June. As everyone chases books to the end of the school year and ticks off things on lists that will enable you to embrace the summer and prepare for the new challenges of September, I couldn't resist posting this!

What is keeping me in high gear in June, now that I am not chasing books, you ask? Amongst my other chores is preparing to bask in The Light -- I am packing up my cubicle to head for my new location, a cubby by the window, not at all a "semi by the sea" but merciful nonetheless! Yay! Well, that, my list of things, and trying to book to attend the IASL conference in Italy. Chris, Frances, Mary, and I are "synching" our plans to converge on Padua in the first week of September. Now, speaking as a TL Consultant must, of books, should I take the Angels & Demons tour of Rome? Seriously, it's good that there is a definite end or I would keep running with projects, rather than file and clean up the debris of the projects generated during the regular year and prepare to assume my position as the summer school librarian, just because that's what I do. Keeping a hand in, I call it, and keeping Maryann in work!

Have a great week.

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Val Hamilton said...

What a perfect video clip!