Sunday, November 22, 2009

DEAR and Dedicated Reading Pairs and Groups

Thanks, Meredyth, for being so insistent that I return to this work. One follower is good enough for me!

I have been gone since DEAR. What happened? you might ask. On Monday, October 26, National School Library Day, I joined a group of TLs who trekked to Victoria to celebrate NSLD with MLAs. We were announced as guests in the gallery and heard talks about school libraries from Ron Cantelon and Diane Thorne. Some of us were able to meet with our MLAs as well.

Do they celebrate by dropping everything and reading? No, not exactly; the public would expect them to be hard at work. But I am sure you can imagine how surprised we were to find that rules for being in the gallery include no reading and no note-taking. I was asked to surrender my books! Sacrilege, don't we TLs agree, especially as we are there to celebrate reading and school libraries?

Meanwhile back at home, you were dropping everything to read in droves. I have reports and pictures to prove it. Most significant was MP reader/visitor Ujjal Dosanjh reading with Moberly students:

Way to go, Ms Kezar's class; this dedicated pair from Trudeau Elementary was viewed amongst the photos that accompanied the first report on DEAR in schools:

"Miss Hogwarts" and her dedicated pair of readers, PW students "caught reading" in the week-long "Did You Get Caught Reading?" contest and celebration of reading during National School Library Week, are pictured here:

Dedicated pairs were also reading at Trafalgar's new "learning commons" and doesn't it look nice and comfy.

Read the next post on how we promoted reading at the Legislature ...


Val Hamilton said...

I was missing your posts!

meredyth kezar said...

Yeah! My morning is set. I loved the picture of Ujjah reading with some of my old friends (well they are young) at Moberly! And my boys will be thrilled they have made the big time-appearing on your blog!

Moira Ekdahl said...

Thanks, Val.