Saturday, February 6, 2010

What is February 9? Think B4 U Post Day

First and foremost, here in Vancouver, it is the long-awaited Winter Tonic. This is our antidote to the chilly winter, although here in Vancouver, winter is just about the mildest ever in the only year some would have wished it colder ... for the 2010 Winter Olympics due to start in a week now we feature crocusses!

Winter Tonic is at Gladstone, starting at 4 pm. The theme this year is Italian Carnevale because some of us just came back and think Italy is actually the best antidote to Vancouver winters. We have the usual line-up of great workshops and guests Val and Steve from the mother-ship. Getting together is as much a draw for teacher-librarians as is the professional development. Being the TL, most likely the only one in a school, brings on a hunger for the company of like-minded educators and makes it hard to interrupt for the professional learning ... but not impossible. It`s what makes being the one who gets to help organize and enable events like this so remarkable and unique.

What else is February 9? It is one week before February 16, this year's actual Mardi Gras or Carnevale or Pancake/Shrove Tuesday, that grand celebration that precedes Ash Wednesday and Maundy Thursday and other rigours of the Christian Lent.

February 9 is also Safer Internet Day. This year's theme is Think B4 U Post. Now while I can't see where Canada has much going on this Day, it is BIG elsewhere.

  • Here on the EU Ins@fe site is information for teachers about internet safety.
  • Here's the Australian Cyber(smart:) page.
  • You may want to review what Danielle Law from UBC has told us about Cyberbullying.
  • The local Miss604 blogged about cyberbullying in 2008.
  • The BC Government Ministry of Health page on Internet Safety is "down" ... and the Ministry of Children and Family's Safe Kids BC links directly to this page and to NetSmartz, an American site.
  • We have print resources available here in Curriculum Publications.

Seems as though there is still work to be done here in Canada but we can be thankful for the globalizing capacity of the internet for sharing the work done elsewhere.

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