Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The High Road

I have never really outgrown my love of popular music, attributable to an adolescence and period in my twenties when I attended SFU when it was charter-plus-one (that is, one year old, new and "revolting"). I have, I confess, never developed a love for driving with classical music or with CBC radio. My children advise me on radio stations and my most recent is a little alternative, "indie" music, like Goldilocks, not "soft" but not too hard either, and local talent as well.

I like songs like this one by the Broken Bells who invite listeners to "come and get the minimum" and tell us that the high road is hard to find. While they weren't singing about the state of education in places like BC and California, I find myself driving now, singing "come on and get the minimum" and getting very sad.

The High Road

Broken Bells MySpace Music Videos

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