Sunday, June 6, 2010

Patti Goes to Edmonton: Another Vancouver Star!

Let's recognize our TL/Star of the Year in Canada:

Pat Parungao is the CASL recipient of the 2010 Follett Internation Teacher-librarian of the Year Award, presented this weekend in Edmonton at the Canadian Library Association (CLA) conference.

Pat catches up on a little light reading before our day at the U of A. She is digging deeply into Treasure Mountain Canada: Leading Journeys, compiled by Carol Koechlin. My paper included herein was delivered at the "summit" called TMCanada. The paper outlines the development of The BCTLA Points of Inquiry project, developed jointly with the VSB with the support of the Vancouver School District Teacher-librarian 2009 Inquiry initiative.

Here, Pat claims a rightful place at the very front of the class. This is Dr Ross Todd working with Carol Koechlin (right) and Liz Kerr (of the CLA, behind).

On Friday, Patti claimed her place amongst the most honoured of Canada's TLs as the CASL-Follett Award winner for 2010. Speech was fantastic and more than fairly represented why, after several decades of contributions to the field in an outstanding leadership role, she is OUR STAR.

We are very proud of you, Pat Parungao.


While I have you, and if you haven't already done so, read Jamie McKenzie's FNO March 2010 article on Why We Still Need Libraries and Librarians.

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