Saturday, June 19, 2010

Summer Review: 21st Century Education

Ten Links to Thinking Widely
About 21C Learning and Systemic "Revolution"

A 21st Century Education: 12 leading innovators, including Alan November, Stephen Heppell, and Randall Fielding, use documentary film to explore technology, student-centred learning, and social justice.

The Innovative Educator: Ten 21st Century Education Quotes I Carry With Me. Add Lisa Nielsen's IE blog to your RSS feeds.

Click above to look at this New Brunswick video perspective of 21C learning.

What If? Technology in the 21st Century Classroom: OPSBA (Ontario Public School Boards Assocation) trustees' paper calls for meaningful discussion, shared vision, and classroom strategies that create connected and relevant learning.

21st Century Learner: presentation by Kim Cofino, international school educator and ed tech consultant.

TED Talks: Can I suggest these people whose thinking is outside the box that we know as school?

Congratulations, BONO

Schools Kill Creativity (2006), also referred to as Sir Ken 1

Bring on the Learning Revolution! (2010), or Sir Ken 2

OnceUpon a School -- Dave Eggers' Pirate Supply Store

TheFringe Benefits of Failure: J.K. Rowling draws on the ancient wisdom of Plutarch to encourage Harvard graduates to use their unique status to make a difference by imagining and creating a better world; of Seneca, who wrote, "As is a tale, so is life; not how long it is but how good it is is what matters.")

UBC: 1-Day Faculty of Education Conference

So, what were a number of Vancouver's TLs doing out at UBC on Friday, all day? We were part of the Information Literacy Day, "Digging Deeper for Understanding -- Using Information Smarts in a Digital World," for secondary teacher candidates. Keynote speakers included Vancouver's new Superintendent Steve Cardwell and Deputy Superintendent Chris Kennedy from West Van. Presenters include TLs Parungao, North, and Ekdahl from Vancouver, Finlay from Burnaby, and Daly from Coquitlam, as well as UBC librarians Naslund and Giustini.

Here is a link to the Top 20 TED talks recommended in Kennedy's keynote address; these are suggested for busy school administrators. He includes all but Rowling listed above. This list was posted in his conference wiki along with many other 21C-related links that made up his presentation.

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