Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Tyee — BC's Education Brownout

The Tyee —> BC's Education Brownout (see April 29, 2010)

by Crawford Kilian

The province refuses to meet the true cost of sustaining our public schools as a close analysis shows. We will all pay a price.

Kilian looks at the budget issues for a smaller school district; the problems are the same as for larger ones. He anticipates for next year's shortfall in his April article (link above) exactly what began to happen this year: cuts to numbers of teacher-librarians.

Kilian concludes that chronic underfunding of public education will mean schools will suffer due to a financial brownout that will have its most profound effect on the poorest in our society, but that, "in turn, will cause an intellectual and economic brownout for all of us that will continue indefinitely into the 21st century."

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