Sunday, September 12, 2010

Digital Learning and the Digital Library Page

Have you seen the new look of our Webcat? How about the Digital Library (click on tab on Webcat page)? See also on Digital Library page: Video tab (includes image banks) as well as Recommended Links and Teachers' Professional pages. Nice work, our Maryann. Thanks. We are really looking forwarding the picking up the virtual circulation this year ... but it would be precipitous of me to release any news yet of heightened expectations for a new foregrounded district location for these invaluable learning resources. Sssshhh!

While here in the Digital Library, you may notice three new features: Scholastic's Bookflix (a literacy resource, it pairs fiction video storybooks with non-fiction e-books, and it's interactive), Passport to the Internet (an internet literacy tutorial for grades 4 to 8), and Gale's fantastic new Global Issues in Context (upper intermediate to senior, it looks at global, social, environmental, and other issues from multiple perspectives: includes a truly global title list as well as such recognizable titles as CBC, Globe & Mail, Maclean's, Toronto Star, and Time Canada; Newsweek International, The Economist, USA Today, NY Times, Sunday Telegraph, Sunday Times; PC Mag and PC World, as well as Wired; and my favourite, New Internationalist).

Our colleagues and students are going to get access to these amazing resources. Plan to take these to the first PAC meeting of the year. Ask to be put onto the next staff meeting and/or Pro D day agendas? We are anticipating seeing greatly improved stats for usage, and I have no doubt Vancouver is one of the top districts for usage as it is. Way to go, colleagues.

While I am on the topic, thought you might like to poke around in Aaron Mueller's Master's e-Portfolio (UBC, MET) entitled Digital Libraries and Information Literacies. He offers an introductory video that helps guide you into the structures. Thanks, Aaron, for this inspirational look at your vision for Digital Library, VLN style, and congratulations on finishing that degree.

And why not introduce your teachers and students to Twiducate for social networking to enhance communication in learning. Another Michele recommendation! Do we need to do TL Studio / Digitally Yours this year at a school? Maybe we could "twiducate" ourselves, Michele convening! Just kidding ...

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