Friday, October 8, 2010


It's Thanksgiving, a four-day weekend for the first time for us in the Vancouver school district. I am thankful for the space this provides to recover from the busy and challenging times we face here and also for the complex yet reasonable social environment in which our young people are being educated. Read on ...

I've added to the blog list in the right-hand sidebar a blog created by a group of authors, educators, and librarians to speak out against the censorship of media materials for teens. Check out speakloudly, with thanks to Al Smith for the link to and reflections on this recollection of an English teacher in the US entitled "Censorship at its Finest: Remembering (Risha Mullins’ Story) about her years as an English teacher who promoted adolescent reading using popular YA lit in an intolerant community. Her account is nothing short of unbelievable, and again I am thankful for being where I am in the teaching world. And for the teacher-warriors like Risha whose work to stave off censorship, to keep young people reading accounts drawn from the real world, and to establish the baseline that ensures these young learners have the freedom to read and access to information, I am thankful too.

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