Thursday, November 18, 2010

Will two schools of thought tear the fabric of society? (The Vancouver Sun, 18 Nov 2010, Page A4)

Mr. Yan has contributed signficantly to the important work of matching the provincial government's political and social directions that have so constrained the equitable delivery of meaningful learning in our city to the lived-out reality or real effects for public education.

If we think about what this means in terms of access to the resources and tools for learning that will empower our young people to better meet the demands of living, working, and studying in the 21st century, as we do in school libraries and in classrooms, it is clear that some young British Columbians are subsidized in being, in Orwellian terms, "more equal than others." The fabric of society that is being frayed and ripped into "two schools of thought" should soon be wearing thin with the voting public concerned with the future of a province that has always espoused the values articulated by Mr Yan; any society is improved by its commitment to a strong public education system.

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Will two schools of thought tear the fabric of society?
The Vancouver Sun
18 Nov 2010

In the wake of a series on public school enrolment I did last week, Andy Yan called. Yan is a researcher and urban planner with BTAWorks, the research arm of Bing Thom Architects. In last week’s series, I cited one of Yan’s studies on patterns more...

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