Sunday, December 12, 2010

21st Century Learning Hype Cycle and Gender

This great graphic shows e-book readers as approaching the "trough of disillusionment" and cloud computing at the "peak of inflated expectations"!  Finally, I get it.  Wait for the plateau of productivity.  Or jump in early and flounder off in all directions seeking guru-dom in the excited in-between times.  If you have trouble keeping up with the hype, simply wait to see what survives the trough. Much less stressful than being inflated then disillusioned. 

And then, in my reflective moments, I can't help but wonder, artlessly of course, why more women aren't hanging out in this frenzy!  Or, why hadn't anyone mentioned to me, prior to my showing up, that Physics classes were full of "older" guys!  Is this techno-stuff gendered?  What will this techno-fascination mean for girls in our classes?  Who is checking?

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