Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lines blur between adult and teen novels (The Vancouver Sun, 19 Feb 2011, Page D6)

An article in today's Vancouver Sun features Vancouver children's and YA author Melanie Jackson, friend to school libraries and reading and a co-worker at the school district's Ed Centre; here is an excerpt

[Melanie's book] Fast Slide was named a Best of 2010 book by Resource Links magazine.

In her other recent book No Way Out, the main character, 15-year-old Sam Jellicoe, is sent against his wishes to live with his mother and new stepfather in Winnipeg. He’s in a department store when a gunman takes hostages, locks the doors and shuts off all the power.

“ He has to figure a way out and stay safe,” Jackson said. “ He’s on his own and no one can help him.
Way to go, Melanie!  Melanie is available for local author readings.  See recent flyer.

Lines blur between adult and teen novels
The Vancouver Sun
19 Feb 2011

Books such as Harry Potter, The Book Thief or The Hunger Games have crossed the traditional lines between teen and adult fiction, something some literary types say is a bit of a trend. Jamie Broadhurst, vice-president of marketing at Raincoast Books, more...

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