Sunday, March 13, 2011

Book banning column 'outrageous and unfounded'

Thanks, Suzanne Hall, TL Consultant, Maple Ridge, Michael Katz, publisher, Tradewind Books, and author Joan Betty Stuchner, for your Letters to the Editor - All is good! 

And we at the BCTLA and here at the TL Special Weekly blog are tweeting and blogging your incredulity that such a thing could happen in Vancouver schools.  Rest assured, we don't believe in censorship either.  Did you see my post Vancouver Schools Celebrate Freedom to Read Week (March 4, this blog) for the real story?

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Julia said...

Hi Moira - Mark Hasiuk published something in the WEdneday March 16 copy of the courier to kind of rescind his accusations (though not really) because I read it without any context and it made for pretty scary reading. I'm glad I came across your blog to get the real story - and thanks to Suzanne for her letter to the editor which pointed me in the right direction. I'm a VSB stay-home mom who really cares about literacy and I love all books, old and new, classics and contemporary. But I think his March 16 article doesn't clearly differentiate between yourselves, the TLs and the Diversity Team - he makes the Diversity Team sound evil and he makes you guys sound under-funded and a bit more positive, but doesn't even include you in his idea of "organic diversity" marshalled by teachers and parents. What about TLs I wonder? ANyway, thanks for setting it straight - I just went on a wild goose chase freaking out about censorship!!!