Wednesday, March 2, 2011

YSL6: Advocacy, Evidence and Image

School libraries are not a luxury item -- they are essential to learning. 

YSL6: James Henri and Sandra Lee are bringing us yet another timely, provocative, and important opportunity to learn in a dynamic, interactive, asynchronous, global online context how to work for advancement of school libraries. 

Sign up now for Your School Library's sixth online professional development conference, March 4 - 18, to work with such BIG names in the field as Gary Hartzell, Stephen Krashen, Buffy Hamilton, and Keith Curry Lance and more, always including our own BC BIG names, to develop strategies to help administrators, colleagues, parents, and others understand the value of the school library for student learning. 

Click here for more information about YSL and the conference and for registration; be sure to take advantage of the district or BCTLA promotional discount.

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