Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Top Ten Alternatives to Traditional Textbooks

Alive and well, I return to the "big chair" after two weeks of lollygagging in paradise.  It was time to jump into action to prepare for an early Tuesday-morning session with John Oliver educators looking for alternatives to teaching from textbooks.  With help from Jacob Martens and Maryann Kempthorne on Monday, the "top ten" alternatives were developed.   These recommendations are not specific software suggestions or "apps" -- they are resources or tools and strategies for finding and/or creating resources.

You can go to the TL Special Wiki (Inquiry-based Learning page, found in right-hand sidebar) to see where JO teachers were looking Beyond Textbooks (pptx) on April 5.  You may have other ideas or recommendations.  Feel free to add comments and ideas to the page or to use the powerpoint.  Discoveries, discussion, and queries would fit well with this posting to the TL Wiki.  You can request access to the wiki for purposes of posting, and you don't have to be a teacher-librarian either.

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