Monday, May 16, 2011

It's Not All About the Technology ...

Great blog post from Elisa Carlson, Director of Instruction working with their Innovative Learning Designs Project in Surrey, BC:  It's not all about the technology.  And how right she is:  if it doesn't land in all classrooms and if it isn't accessible to every child, if it doesn't start with the teaching and learning, it won't be reform at all. 

I've said this before, The answer to educational reform is not a single word or a product name.  Yes, Elisa, I love the quotes you have selected from David Warlick:

“21st century learning has nothing to do with iPads, iPod Touches, or any piece of technology.   The only thing that is one to one that we should be concerned with is equitable access to rigorous, relevant, and irresistible learning experiences that reflect and harness the times, environment, and ultimate goals of the learning.”

Twenty-first century learning, continues Warlick, “…is an experience that is responsive. Learners are not simply passive vessels to be filled. They are players within a game that plays back. It is inquiry fueled. It provokes conversations that factor in the learner’s identity and measures his standing. It inspires the personal investment of time and skill. ..and it is guided by safely made mistakes.”

In just a few minutes I start with a group of Vancouver TLs on just this topic.  It's all about the complex notion of ACCESS.  21st C teaching and learning is grounded in inquiry.  Thanks for this, Elisa.

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