Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Reading Gift Suggestions From Blogs and VPL

 From Chalk & Talk Blog, December 2010

Getting Kids Reading Blog:

Story Snoops Blog: Judge a book by more than its cover

The StorySnoops are a group of San Francisco-based parents who seek to engender the love of reading in their children.  This is a parent-to-parent selection tool.  Share this with parents:  Let [the Story Snoops] take the guess work out of buying [YA Lit] with some ideas for young readers on your [seasonal buying] list. [They’ve] organized the holiday list by age and gender, with books [they] loved this year.  [They] define Tweens as kids aged roughly 9-12, and Teens are 12 and up.

NOTE:  Just make sure they shop at Kidsbooks for advice on our great Canadian offerings as well.
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