Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Great Work, Aaron!

I am back at my blog with loads to catch up on!

I commissioned Aaron (our resident Cybrarian) to review two devices for teacher-librarians.  He kindly agreed and I am excited to read what he had to say about the Microsoft Surface.  In my time with it, I was equally delighted although not nearly so technically proficient, thorough, or erudite. 

Read his blogpost:  My Week With a Surface RT Tablet.

Similarly I commissioned a review of the Samsung Chromebook.  Again, his review is thorough, informed, and well balanced.  I am told that Chromebooks are now available in Canada.  We are piloting some in the Learning Commons and are very happy with the seamlessness of use.

Here are his comments:  My Weekend with a Samsung

While these two products are not yet approved in the district, we have new products on the Horizon that might better meet the learning needs of kids ... and we can always add them to our own personal technology base.

Thanks from all of us, Aaron.  I hope to be down with more work for you soon.

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