Friday, November 16, 2007

Summary Email Morphs to Blog

Here is me "bloggin' it" ....

The TD books The Zlooksh are on their way. If you have submitted your numbers (grade 1s, plus any who sit in classrooms with grade 1s, so there are no tears or tantrums … oh, how much we who have dwelled only in secondary have to learn!) as requested by email this week, then expect these to be delivered early in the week. Morna is phoning for missing numbers and Kim, our clerical assistant, is waiting to count out your books for sending by blue bag. This is the only notice you will get … speak to your administrator if you want to be the one to give these out! Each school, I understand, has its own way of doing this.

Also due next week is Vol 1 Issue 1 of the TL Special News, my first-ever newsletter which, even as I have taken it to press, I am realizing what I left out!

Bulk ordering:

23 schools have given me names as being interested in a possible bulk order of the 2008 World Book (print edition). List: $882.00 ;
9 schools are interested in World Book Library of Natural Disasters List $340;
Lands & Peoples – now Scholastic Online – 3 schools;
Webfeet – 3 schools;
Make it Work – Geography – 1 school.
Any more titles or interested schools, pls let me know this week.

ERAC: Please go to online application form to apply. No district committee is being struck so let’s make sure TLs are available for the 3-day video and DVD selection event, April 30 to May 1. If you are successful in applying for this, ERAC provides release time. You may have colleagues who should be encouraged for their particular expertise.

WEBFEET: I gave erroneous information at one session of the multivendor display. This is not free but I am looking for the balance of a free trial so that those who hadn’t seen it can. Here is the SLJ review, however:
WebFeet Online. RockHill Communications, 14 Rock Hill Rd., Bala Cynwyd,
PA 19004; 888/762-5445; www.rockhill $495 for schools with under
1,000 enrollment and public libraries serving populations of less than 10,000.
Gr 5 Up--This database of Web sites has billed itself as "the premier
Interact subject guide for middle school, high school, and public libraries."
Unfortunately, it does not even come close to living up to that billing.

· Any feedback on the multivendor display would be appreciated. It was a real disappointment not to see S&B this year due to problems with the transport company. It was a real disappointment for this vendor to have 20 empty tables.

· I have had an opportunity to speak with Ed Devine of Baker & Taylor. We will be exploring possible savings on US titles using this vendor. In the meantime, I have attached more information for your consideration.

· Next week, David and I will split the list of schools not yet subscribed to The Sun or The Province free online subscription and register you, setting the password as library. There is still a hole in the security we need to close.

· Have a look at this: Teachers' Domain is an online library of free multimedia resources as well as professional development courses developed by WGBH - Boston's PBS station - that help teachers enhance their students' learning experiences and advance their own teaching skills using media from NOVA, Frontline, American Experience, and other public broadcast programming. I watched a fantastic video clip about frogs that freeze solid in the winter. Am I smarter than the average grade 5’er? Not even close.

· TORONTO, Tuesday, November 13, 2007 -- The Royal Canadian Geographical Society launched the second generation of its groundbreaking Canadian Atlas Online at a public event held today at the Ontario Science Centre. Check out this great resource.

· ALERT! I hope everyone got the important email message about the pornographic link that needs to be removed from the two titles (multiple sites) we have in the Magic Attic series in Vancouver elementary school library collections. I sent the email last weekend with a red exclamation mark.

If you are interested in, or know someone who is interested in, being part of a TL cohort to start next fall (you can be part-way through your diploma, just beginning, or just taking courses for interest or refreshment!) … let me know.

· I signed up for and get a newsletter from Teachingbooks. This is an excellent teacher resource. Password only: library1.

· Maryann was sighted in the building today … not by me, but others report she was here. Suspect it’s that Reportsmith thing!

Thanks for advice from one TL on the once-a-week summary email – BUT it all gets a red exclamation mark because I am trying to reduce things to ONE you can read over a cup of coffee or over a couple of days. It’s 4 pm and I’ve had enough. I’ll send these on Fridays, as required, with only time-sensitive items in between. Going home! Have a great weekend.

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