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Canadian Children's Book Week and More ...

You e-read this somewhat abridged version:

Information required: Who’s going where? I would like to “announce” and congratulate the TLs who are moving into new positions in the vsbemail. Can it be done in the blog? Can you let me know where you are going – or who will be replacing you -- for next Friday’s release. It would seem that leaving the phoning to get information until Friday afternoon doesn’t work well with many elementary schedules! I’m new but a “quick learner” -- I have some information but I would like to be inclusive of all changes. Thanks.

Inspiration needed? Worth keeping in mind as you do your work today (or this week if you are opening up on Monday) is that there are fewer than 70 TLs left in Alberta. I have taken this quote from an email sent recently: "How is it, [John Ralston] Saul asked, that in one of the richest societies the world has ever known we have convinced ourselves that we are too poor to have libraries? Knowing as we do, without question, that the make or break point for real literacy comes when we are very young - how can we think that we are advancing civilization by reducing children's access to books?" TLs ensure both physical and intellectual access to resources. What you do is important. Many children in Vancouver received a new book from the Canadian Children's Book Centre and TD Financial. Have a really good day as Canadian Children's Book Week comes to a close.

Distribution of The Zlooksh: While this didn’t go without a glitch, it seems to have been okay. If you still don’t have enough, contact my assistant here.

Magazines: Thanks to those who have invited or welcomed me to their school libraries recently and to those of you who have been available to answer my many questions or to help resolve problems. Today one secondary TL and I met with the new Purchasing Manager here and we hope to have some answers for the next round in May to the problems of magazine ordering that will make life simpler for everyone involved. Soon, you will get a list of the mags you apparently ordered, check off the mags you are actually receiving, and send back the form in order that adjustments can be made to make sure you aren’t billed for the ones that haven’t shown up or weren’t filled.

FREE Sun/Province subscription: If you are worried about your access to the free digital newspapers, don’t be. You are not alone. In my visit today to DLG, the only computer that could access the paper was the circulation computer! Ask your technician to assess the capacity of your student access computers for databases and digital resources – you may simply need a relatively easy upgrade. And of the 43 subscribers to the Sun that were checked, only 13 had changed their initial passwords to library. Does this mean you chose another word, or you haven’t got to it yet, or you can’t figure it out?

Meeting for Secondary Department Heads (and generally the teacher-librarians who work in secondary libraries): reminder that this meeting is Monday at 4 pm at John Oliver. See you there!

WEBFEET: There remains very little time for you to review and decide about your library’s subscribing to Thomson Gale’s Webfeet. Would you please confirm or register your interest in this database with ME. We have until November 30. Thereafter when the free trial is over, the price is not negotiable.

Bulk Purchasing: I have asked David to "navigate" the World Book bulk purchases, World Book 2008 Encyclopedia (print version) and Natural Disasters.

From Knowledge Network comes word of November fall programming. See the new 'All TV and Online Programming' page for programs that support both learning and teaching. Check out the online program guide for the dates and times of your favourite Knowledge Network shows. See also Knowledge Tools for teaching resources written specifically for BC’s K-12 educators.

Upcoming workshop dates: For more information about Powerpoint, the Studio Technology Integration workshop series, EBSCO, Accounting and District Technology or Literacy Day workshops, go to "Announcements" on the tlspecial wiki. As of yesterday, there were 12 spaces left for Powerpoint next week ... and I don't recognize a lot of the names!

Check with TL at Simon Fraser Elementary for information about the performances of the School Peace Choir.

An Evening With Paul Yee, Nov. 29, Thursday, 7:30- 9:00PM. The Chinese Canadian Historical Society of B.C and St. John's College are pleased to sponsor a talk with Paul Yee, Governor General Award-winning author. Paul will talk about his most recent book, Shu-li and Tamara (Tradewind Books) and the process behind writing, editing and publishing his many books on the Chinese Canadian community. The program will be held at St. John's College, Fairmont Social Lounge, 2111 Lower Mall, UBC (across the street from the West Parkade).

The Simon Fraser series website captures The Vancouver Sun articles by Stephen Hume as well as other important features (maps, colour, etc).

The Vancouver Children's Art Gallery and Literacy Centre
: This website is forwarded by Nancy Hundal. It will be will be the first gallery and learning centre in Canada devoted to the development and promotion of art and literacy.While its primary client group will be children and youth, the Centre will also serve a variety of adults, including parents, educators, adult learners. Programming will enhance all clients’ appreciation and skills relating to art and literacy. Directors include Superintendents Chris Kelly and Bruce Beairsto. The art and writing ideas are fantastic. You may want to share this with colleagues.

Author Nancy Hundal, one of "our own," has been writing and publishing while she shares her energies between her family and the school library at McKechnie. Nancy's website is has all the information you need, and you don't have to look far to find an author for a visit. Nancy's 10th book is due out in the Spring. Look for a flyer soon ... and share the information with your teachers too.

Made-in-Canada Children's Book Podcast: Just One More Book is a thrice-weekly podcast which promotes and celebrates literacy and great children's books. Each weekday morning, the creators take a few minutes for morning coffee to discuss one of their favourite children's books. Also featured are weekly interviews with authors, literacy related discussions or audio reviews submitted by listeners. They are building a lively, interactive community linking children's book authors, illustrators, readers (parents and children) and publishers. Episodes range in length from 5 to 25 minutes and can be played directly from the web page or downloaded to an ipod for listening on the go. They say, “This podcast is powered by passion. We have no advertisers or sponsors. Our goal is to link children with great books and help create happy memories for children and the adults that read to them…and to have fun!”"A podcast about the children's books we love and why we love them -- recorded in our favourite coffee shop""Serving a love of reading and life -- through children's books."

ERAC APPLICATIONS FOR FAST FORWARD: If this is not the event for you or you are applying but would love to go with a teaching colleague, encourage your colleagues, the ones with keen interest in making sure we have lots of audio-visual materials to support their teaching, to apply.

If you don't subscribe to SFU's Linda Hof's Webbits, why not try it for a while. Great websites every time that I could always find someone who was thankful when I sent it ... and who then wanted to subscribe. It's very easy to un-subscribe too. Here's the info: Subscribe to Web-bits, a weekly digest of articles, information and web sites for your educational use. Send a message to:, then in the subject line put: subscribe web-bits

Media Awareness Network (MNet) has updated the B.C. curriculum outcome charts on its website to support the new B.C. Language Arts curriculum for Grades K-7. In addition, they have added curriculum charts to support the strengthened role media education plays in the new Social Studies K-12 curriculum. The charts link to free supporting classroom lessons and resources.

This link takes you to the overview page Media Education in British Columbia. You can also reach this page from MNet’s home page: simply scroll to the bottom and under Media Education in Canada, select British Columbia. On the right sidebar of the overview page you will see links to the Media Education Learning Outcome Curriculum Charts, listed by curriculum and grade level. Each chart provides links to free supporting lesson plans, teachable moments, educational games, teacher guides and more.

Medianet Workshop: Still have teachers who come looking for your help because they don't know how to order audio-visual materials from MLST (online – Medianet)? If you would like me to forward the "Medianet Workshop" file, email me. NOTE: It's a large file that takes a while to download but you could put it onto a staff-use computer and show your colleagues where to go to take the training module!

Thanks for feedback on the Multivendor Display. Keep it coming. Next week I will compile it and forward it to the organizer. I will also solicit his feedback on how successful the vendors found it to be. He has already booked the Firefighters’ Hall for the same days next year and I am not hearing anyone say we shouldn’t have it any more.

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