Thursday, February 21, 2008

Here There be Dragons ...

... and much much more:

Dragons, bats, and treasure ...

Dragons, books, a list, and a T-shirt contest ...

Dragons, rats, and spiders --
Thanks to those TLs who sent in books,
to Peggy and her creative energies, and
to the Works yard for this great display
in the lobby of the school board.

Field trip, anyone?

TL Studio: Jings and blogs ... and we're all none the wiser! Michele took us into jing world ... here you can capture an image from your screen, record your screen actions and commentary, and upload for instant replay. If you saw Alan November use this open source program, you would have seen the potential for student assignments, for sharing ideas and information about technology, and for demonstrating a technical lesson for students who may have missed the class or the point.

We also used blogger (a google tool) to create blogs, comparing uses of these with wikis.


Serendipity Saturday -- UBC First Nations Longhouse -- hope to see you there.


Spring Weeding, Part 1 is on Thursday, 4 pm, Feb 28, Dickens. Part 2 is Thursday, Mar 6. David is off in Morocco but we plan to get everyone on board for the annual inventory. (If you already have a process for taking inventory, ignore this.) For those of you who haven't ever done inventory or who have but have forgotten everything, we are going to set up some training sessions. We are particularly concerned about school libraries where inventory hasn't been done for a number of years. Here's the inventory cycle we would propose:

  • Year 1, do everything except non-fiction.
  • Year 2, do non-fiction.
  • Year 3, REST!

If we set up and followed this pattern, MLST would know which one-third of schools would not be doing inventory in June.


TOC Training on Horizon; General Operations of a School Library Program: Horizon, Mar 4 -- Rm 100 (lab), VSB; General Ops, Mar 5, 4 pm -- Moberly Elementary School Library, with Gwen Ingham and Denise North. Please tell TOCs about this training opportunity. They must attend both sessions.


This recommendation for Eco Kits for B.C. Schools comes from SFU Media specialist Linda Hof's Webbits: As part of the Green Schools strategy, the Ministry of Education is offering all schools (K–12) a BC Green Schools Eco Kit. The deadline for ordering free Eco Kits is March 31. French or English.

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