Thursday, April 3, 2008

Looking for Some New Teaching Ideas?


Edheads / Activate Your Mind! is a great elementary website. Thanks to TOC Lodders who recommended this one while training to work in school libraries.
KQW - Knowledge Quest Web Edition: Visual Literacy (January/February)

“With the art and design of the picture book at the center of its program development, The Eric Carle Museum has forged strong connections between visual and verbal literacy. Programs that explore and expand on the traditional uses of the picture book are featured in the Museum’s Galleries, Reading Library, and Art Studio. Teaching children to compose, consume, communicate, and think critically in a visually saturated world begins at an early age. What better place to begin than with the art and design of the picture book.”

- Rosemary Agoglia, Curator

Google Earth Lessons is a free public resource created by teachers, for teachers, to give educators tools and ideas for using the free Google Earth software in their classrooms. Using the ideas and resources found on this site, teachers of all subjects and grade levels can incorporate Google Earth into their curriculum. A section called "Google Earth How-tos" gives educators the basic skills they need to use the software, and a discussion section includes threads for exchanging ideas on a variety of topics. Users also can search for lessons by content area, share lessons with other, search through a library of screenshots, and more. All that is needed to use the lessons is a free download of Google Earth software.

If you are interested in working with Google more, why not attend a workshop this month: see Pro D Connections booklet under "Miscellaneous" -- Alan Zisman, David Neufeld, and I are collaboratively presenting Google for Educators, Part 1; it's for teachers including TLs. Encourage colleagues to come. Sign up online. See you at Chief Maquinna on Wednesday, April 16. You may also want to opt for more with part 2, collaboration using Google, at Kerrisdale in May.

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