Thursday, April 3, 2008

What's Up This Month?

Some Highlights for April

(See Pro D Connections for details; register online)

April 9 -- TL Studio at Kerrisdale

April 10 -- LOMCIRA's Evening with David Ward at Waverly, 4 pm, with lively refreshments. $15-20. David is a children's author; drawing from his own research, he will look at two local projects where young readers and writers have imagined collaboratively to create story worlds. Contact Meredyth if you are interested in coming.

April 10 -- Access to Public Education with Kit Kreiger and John Young: The University Women's Club is sponsoring a series entitled The Impact of Bill 20 and Other Legislation in BC. "Access to Education" is a focus for the local, Canadian and International University Women's groups for the coming year. The impact of bills such as Bill 20 in the matters of school fees, the role of school boards, evaluation of achievement, early childhood education and daycare will be discussed by local leaders from education, public service, and parent groups. The second in this four-part series will be held on May 20: Changing Roles of School Boards with speakers Adrienne Montani and Dr Chak Au. 7 pm, Hycroft, 1489 McRae (16th and Granville). Register in advance: 604-731-4661. Cost: $5.

April 16 -- Google for Educators, Part 1 with Alan Zisman, David and me: This collaboration will focus on Google Earth, Picasa, Page Creator ... and more, if there's time. April 16, after school, at Chief Maquinna. You can sign up for Google for Educators, Part 2, to be held at Kerrisdale Elementary on May 21: Michele F will join us to focus on Google's collaborative capacities.

April 30 -- teachingbooks and other databases: A webinar in five places? We're trying this out. Sign up for one of five locations (After school, school libraries of Byng, Hamber, Killarney, Tillicum Annex, or the VSB Tech Lab, Rm 100). It's for teachers, literacy consultants, and TLs.

At the VPL in April

  • Why not celebrate National Poetry Month by attending The VPL World Poetry Reading Series, April 28, 7:30 pm, Central Branch. Hear the works of six poets, Canadian-based with global roots.
  • VPL also has on this month the Winning at Crime Evening with BC Crime Writers on Wednesday, April 30, 7 pm at the Central Branch.
  • Here's a VPL event to share with secondary students: Make Your Own Graphic Novels, at VPL, with Artist/instructor Julian Lawrence, creator of Drippytown Comics and editor with Zeroes 2 heroes: Sat, April 19, 2 pm, South Hill Branch; Tues, April 22, 4 pm, Kitsilano Branch; Sat, April 26, 2 pm, Oakridge Branch; Wed, April 30, 6 pm, Hastings Branch. Julian will look at character creqtion, thumbnail sketching, story plotting, page layout, as well as pencilling and design techniques. And this is free!
  • Why not attend The VPL World Poetry Reading Series, April 28, 7:30 pm, Central Branch. Hear the works of six poets, Canadian-based with global roots.

April 17 -- How about an evening of Extraordinary Canadians?

... with award winner David Adams Richards, historian and author Charlotte Gray, and acclaimed novelist Lewis deSoto. Shall I pick up tickets? See Blog Archives for last week for more details. It's 7:30 pm, Thursday April 17, H.R. MacMillan Space Centre, 1100 Chestnut Street, Vancouver. Tickets: $15/$13. Bring colleagues.

Awesome Stories in April

THE UNDERGROUND RAILROAD: It is believed that on the 20th of April, 1853, Harriet Tubman began the "underground railroad." What was it - and - how did it work?

THE SAN FRANCISCO EARTHQUAKE: While the people of San Francisco slept, the ground below them was moving. At first, during the early hours of April 18, 1906, no one knew that something was awry. But then the rolling motions came, causing streets to rise, and fall, and rise again. It seemed, to one observer, as though the earth itself was breathing. What happened next devastated one of America's most popular cities and traumatized her citizens. Learn the story from eyewitnesses and archived photographs.

RUINS OF POMPEII DISCOVERED: In early April, 1748, a team of excavators rediscovered Pompeii. Once a thriving town, it was completely destroyed by Vesuvius, a nearby volcano, in the summer of 79 A.D. Discoveries at the site, which is like a living museum, continue to this day.

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