Tuesday, February 10, 2009

IASL: The GiggleIT Project Launched Today


International Association of School Librarianship : The GiggleIT Project

Check out the new website and think about how Canadian stories can make them howl!

The GiggleIT Project grew out of the Berkeley IASL conference and the creative mind of one Patricia Carmichael.

Media Release from GiggleIT Project Leader Patricia Carmichael in Australia:

The IASL Children's and Young Adult Literature Special Interest Group (SIG) has been working extremely hard, developing and creating this teaching and learning package designed to motivate and encourage children around the world to read and write about their own culture and that of other countries. Humour was chosen as a motivational tool and so the Gigglecritter was born and the GiggleIT Project is now ready to launch.

I would like to thank Barbara Combes and Karen Bonanno, for the incredible last few weeks effort and their technological expertise, Emily Manck and Katy Manck, for the beautiful graphics and support always, and Rhonda Cooney and Moira Ekdahl for their support and hard work. Also the SIG members on the NING for their support and help. It has been a mammoth collaborative effort. Please send this media release to as many contact groups as possible in your region. Thank you for your support in this venture to promote cultural understanding between countries of the world.

Pat Carmichael, Chair CYAL SIG, IASL

So, let's start capturing those stories and signing up our classes! Canadian submissions are important.
You can read more about Pat in the Fall Virtual Bookmark. She will be one of the key presenters in the online conference for those of you interested in pursuing professional development through a 10-day global journey. Check out: http://www.yourschoollibrary.org/ -- Pat's session is called, " You don't teach collaboration; you just do it. "

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