Monday, February 9, 2009

Lingering palely upon the divan ...

Not well enough to blog!

Don't forget about Winter Tonic this week.

Hope you've signed up for something important for your growth as a TL on February 20 -- love the look of Literacy Day and happy we are halfway to our registration goal for Technology Day. Please make sure to advise your staff members (in your capacity as the technology integration expert on staff) that Technology Day is back on; they might also need to know how to sign up online ... just may be too embarrassed to let anyone know they've never done it before! Any help, well, that would be lovely.

Loved Dr Leu, and he loves us. We are, in his words, the leaders in the technology integration that underpins the New Literacies ... Meredyth left this point out, a point he made repeatedly, in her lateliteracy (link in sidebar) blogging this week, although she is clearly smitten with the man. We TLs know he speaks the truth. Thanks, Meredyth, for making sure we were there ... lots of TLs were there. You are right about him.

Oh, and my Shelfari list may appear static but it's not really. It has taken me a while to figure out how to put my most recent "read" in the number one position. And there is a little arrow at the bottom that shows I have read more than five books! I have three books I am presently reading -- just got The White Tiger (Winner, Man Booker, 2008) which is a riot -- after finding Winchester's SF earthquake book a bit too geological and bogging down in belaboured plotlines in Follett's most recent historical fiction. I will get back to them both, but am really glad to be given a chance to clip along with a galloping and conniving plot told by a nefarious main character.

Back to my pale lingering ... and hoping I can bestir myself to undertake three meetings and Winter Tonic tomorrow without needing to call for the medic.

PS: I never get the flu so there seemed no reason to ever get the flu shot. Told myself that the sickest people I knew had all had the flu shot. I am simply too busy to be downed by illness! I had forgotten ... BUT my revelation this weekend has been that this is not the right way to take a holiday from the pace of the job!

PPS: I am feeling another onset of fatigue ... my regular pattern of Friday blog postings seems to be slowed down this Year of the Ox! So what does that mean? Maybe last week's "clogging" and hyphenated solution was a message -- a warning that a break would have to be forced, she pondered?? -- from the gods of the web 2.0 etherworld! Thanks, technical advisors, whose comments I have responded to in the comments for last week's blog entry. Do you think my colleagues will send virtual sympathy wishes as comments and turn this blog into real Web 2.0??

Back in fine form soon.

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meredyth kezar said...

all week I have been hearing t-l's being praised-every once and awhile I scare Moira by telling her I might become one. Happy Valentine's Day to all you wonderful dedicated teacher librarians.