Sunday, September 13, 2009

IASL 2009 Conference News

Over the next few weeks our group will be working with what we learned to provide reports. The conference CD that provides the original research and professional papers is defective so we are waiting for a replacement. Working from our notes will have to suffice as the Italian contingent struggles with solutions.

Here is a brief thematic summary from UNESCO. Click here. It begins, "This year’s theme, "School Libraries in the Picture: Preparing Pupils and Students for the Future," highlighted the increasingly important role of school libraries to equip students in the 21st century with the abilities to use information effectively and develop critical thinking and life-long learning skills that are essential to responsible citizenship."

All TLs and one accountant are successfully returned and working with some considerable regrets at not being in Italy. Oh my! I am recovering nicely and should be up to full working speed by next week!

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Jen said...

Sounds like an amazing conference! Where is the next one?