Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy New Year 2010! What a Shock!

Week 1 of the working new year went by at such a pace that I can only describe it as a shock after two weeks of doing as little as possible. This week, I am aching from the return to work and so many meetings, as I:
  • met with the Winter Tonic planning group to finalize details (Feb 9, Gladstone)
  • met with the Literacy team to discuss common ground, in particular, the relationship of literacy and student inquiry and other collaborative possibilities
  • dropped in for a quick meeting with the Churchill school library team
  • met with the BCTLA Infolit writing team for two days to continue shaping the inquiry model which we do hope to have ready for preview and feedback soon
  • met concurrently with the mentoring team to review and plan
  • met with the BCTLA Executive on Friday and Saturday, all day
  • attended my monthly or bi-weekly union executive meeting
  • planned for a meeting to plan Technology Day (Feb 15, Magee)
  • met our new Superintendent

If you noticed each entry was a variation on the word "meeting" here, let me assure you I tried to keep up with email and blogging and preparing for workshops -- I'll be getting to the backlog as soon as I recover from the shock. Have you ever seen the periodic shutdown of email on Sundays as something of a blessing? Today, that is me. I have a day to pretend it is still the holidays.

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