Sunday, January 10, 2010

Looking for Inspiration in 2010

It's January, the start of the New Decade, and an optimal time for blogging inspirational thoughts. My next blog entry suggests I am too tired to inspire anyone after a week of nothing but long long meetings, but I do hope to have some inspiring thoughts soon, perhaps generated by reading inspiring blogs!

You can always check Joyce Valenza's Neverendingsearch blog for School Library Journal. Writes Valenza,

Teacher librarians, as information and communication specialists, must lead change in their buildings and districts or face irrelevancy. Something Darwinian is under way. Adaptation is essential. And if we are to thrive, leadership is essential. School library practice must adapt to complete shifts in the information and communication landscapes. Folks who believe that Web 2.0, or whatever we next call the read/write Web, will go away are hopelessly mistaken.
She suggests this is the year to start working smartly for the future of school libraries.

If you have been following the blogs and the BCTLA Forum, you will have been reading about American "business" author and social commentator Seth Godin whose blog has been the subject of much interest. With "inquiry" on my mind, this January 2010 blog comment about "lumps" made sense to me.

Here's a blog that offers excellent direction for your consideration for school library programs; I will add it to the blogroll in the sidebar:

How can you not be moved to consider the future of our work when checking the whereabouts of Seth Godin's "rats" (see Godin, Dec 28, 2009) and such inspiration as:
Be curious, be bold, find out what the smartest school librarians and educational tech visionaries from around the world are doing and saying, and see how it can be implemented to the benefit of your students and faculty. Embrace the unknown, and be prepared to jettison the familiar if it fails to move learning and student achievement forward. Be a crucial voice in discussions of change and innovation and the first to roll up your sleeves to make it happen.

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meredyth kezar said...

nice to get to read your blogging again!!! I love your periodic tables-might inspire me in my teaching of science!