Saturday, May 22, 2010

I Love the Colour of It All

Week 2: The Last Chapter, continues:
Through Castles and Jungles ... and More

The Sacred Places of Reading in the VSB

As many of you know, Maryann and I "hit the road" for most of May, taking our unfortunately-named May or year-end Update session -- The Last Chapter -- out to schools. The schedule at the moment is unrelenting ... and it isn't over. Add job-hunting and tackling the annual backlog of work to the package and I am sure you can appreciate that I arrive as required! Thanks for your beautiful spaces and kind thoughts, and thanks, MK, for taking over the snacks and other details that are all seeming a little overwhelming. I choose to blog it all out for therapy!

It's a jungle out there at Selkirk

Can you believe this?

An administrator is as excited about this "reading space"
as are the TLs here.

The Reading Chamber: Selkirk makes it all fun!
And on to Dickens:

You have to love the colour here
at Dickens

And quilt-art for the walls

We went to Henderson and found this:

Here's the art from our Carnavale:

We are in awe of Shaughnessy

Where the reading space feels almost sacred

Kids read online at Gladstone:

The garden fairy reads too:

And at Van Tech, there are miles of books to read ...
and new ones too:

The Last Chapter, continues next week:
After Castles and Jungles ...
What More Can There Be?

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