Friday, May 21, 2010

YSL4: Online Conference on Reading

YSL4 (that is, the 4th online conference sponsored by is starting in three days ... see attached flyer.

Dr Stephen Krashen is the keynote speaker (and I am the host of this session, much to my delight). You will know his name in relation to ESL learning and also FVR or free voluntary reading research. I saw him in Berkeley two summers ago when he spoke at the IASL Conference. He said, there are three things that keep the mind supple: a second language, reading, and coffee! Who wouldn't love a guy who starts off an early morning session this way.

Dr Renee Norman from the Literacy Team and I are also going to host an informal chat about how we offer a "balanced" approach to literacy and also what lies in the balance. Details to be forthcoming on this one! We didn't think it seemed like a great time to be taking on a full-scale presentation option here what with one thing and another.

To check out these events and other subtopics of the Reading conference, go here:

If you have Pro D funds to use up by June, this might be just the right event for you. No travel ... pyjamas are okay! I have attended all of the previous three of these conferences. Giovanna and I both loved the last one on Facilities. Hope some of you can make it ... we'll meet-up with you there.

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JamesHenri said...

Thanks for the promo Moira... Krashen is currently in full swing and what a breath of freah air. Those who are missing it are missing something special.

Cheers James