Tuesday, May 18, 2010

TLs Rock ... and so do their kids

While on the indie-rocking theme (see previous posts), I have discovered I am not alone. One mother-TL knew what radio station I listened to from my description and sent me this clip of her son's band.

Check out ELIAS on MTV (you will have to skip through the ads) ... and then you can guess which TL-mother belongs to the red-headed guitarist.

Here you will see the band singing about being "drop out" kids. Of course, we know that this is where so many social problems associated with a "stripped" education begin, most often cut short because it has failed to engage, missed the chances to capture the imaginations and stimulate the creativities and talents of our youngest citizens, blown the places where it could respect their differences or valued their uniqueness.

These young and talented up-and-coming Vancouver-based performers got their start in school music programs; they know the value of strong school library programs because one has a TL-mother who is a constant and unrelenting advocate for high-quality SL programs. "Dropping out" is what happens when you strip a school system of its capacity to engage its young -- in reading, in music, in the arts, and in meaningful and relevant learning experiences.

School libraries are places that attend to the affective piece of the learning experience. You will see in the current blog entries the substantial investment Vancouver has made in literacy, in inspiring reading, and in creating just the right school library environments at the hub of our schools, all built on principles that place value on a reading culture.

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