Friday, November 12, 2010

The Junior Canadian Encyclopedia

Great news! What was thought to be lost is found. For those of you missing The Junior Canadian Encyclopedia, here's where to find it:

The Junior Encyclopedia of Canada (now called The Youth Encyclopedia of Canada) was first published by Hurtig Publishers of Edmonton in five volumes in 1990 to provide Canadian information to younger readers. Its full text is now integrated into the current website [of The Canadian Encyclopedia] and is continually updated.

-- The Canadian Encyclopedia website

See The Canadian Encyclopedia on the VSB Digital Library page or it's free online, thanks to the Historica Foundation. Unfortunately, you cannot limit your search results to only those articles from the "youth" or "junior" version. TLs in school programs are always seeking good Canadian resources for studying Canada and would offer this one tip for use in K-12 classrooms and school libraries.

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Doni said...

Thanks Moira!
Do you know if there is a 'junior' version of this online resource? I am looking for an online encyclopedia for my K-3 students.... ie. Canadian content, easy reading, similar to Worldbook Kids but CDN content.
Doni Gratton, TL in West Vancouver