Friday, November 12, 2010

Multicultural Canada

In the ceaseless search for materials to teach our own Canadian and local BC histories in our own terms, here are two resources (one within another) that provide information and primary sources:

Multicultural Canada: check out the Learning Modules for themes on women's, aboriginal, or immigrant history, as well as how to read primary documents and photos, and the Collections, as well as how to make a scrapbook. This site has been created by Heritage Canada and the SFU Library.

The Encyclopedia of Canada's Peoples: This resource, created originally by the Ontario Multicultural History Society and digitized by the SFU Library, can be ordered in its print version. Histories from Aboriginal to Welsh, with discussions of Canadian Identity, Culture and Diversity, the Francophone Perspective, and Themes in Immigration History.

While ideally suited to social studies in grades 10 and 11, some intermediate students would find selected information accessible with instructional support.

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