Tuesday, February 22, 2011

On Google vs Textbooks, iPad vs Kindle, and More

From Campus Technology, a site that just might have light to shed on the path ahead for K-12, as it should.  Try these articles:

Student Research: Can Googling Replace $168 Intro to Psych Textbook?
By Dian Schaffhauser 02/16/11
Read about the Digital Bookshelf Project to provide alternative "texts" for first year Psychology students at UOhio.
Blackboard Launches Free Web-Based Course Platform
By Dian Schaffhauser 02/10/11

Evaluating the iPad for Education
By Bridget McCrae 02/02/11
McCrae offers comparative review of e-reading functionality as well as classroom and other learning considerations, all boding well for the multipurpose tablet as a tool with shelf life. 
Egypt: The Terror of Free Information, The Promise for Higher Education
By Trent Batson 02/16/11

Writes Batson, "Choosing the autocratic/control face of ICT and not the freedom/democratizing face may not serve us very well at all."

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