Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wikipedia: The world according to men (The Vancouver Sun, 22 Feb 2011, Page A15)

Yes, Katherine!  I too asked the gender question in December blog post, "21st Century Learning Hype Cycle and Gender."  You go, girl!  It's not that I mind so much as that I worry; critical questions we teacher-librarians and other educators and social/media analysts might expect informed readers to ask, questions about whose perspectives these entries (or any online information source) are, whose capacity to access and shape the media these represent, and whose interests these serve or fail to serve are lost in the frenzy of the unrelenting search for quick and "satisficing" or good-enough answers.  Read on ...

Wikipedia: The world according to men
BY KATHERINE GOVIER Katherine Govier’s latest novel, The Ghost Brush, HarperCollins. ca, tells the story of Oei, daughter of the great Japanese printmaker Hokusai and a great artist in her own right.
The Vancouver Sun
22 Feb 2011

We were treated to the news last week, via the New York Times, that Wikipedia, increasingly the go-to reference for historical and contemporary general knowledge, has a dark secret. It is chiefly written by 25-year-old males. Help us and save us. It’s...read more...

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