Saturday, May 14, 2011

Read this and weep!

When I heard about the infamous rubber rooms (reassignment centres) in New York City, the places that hundreds of suspended teachers had to report every day, some for years, to do nothing, at a reported cost of $ 30 million a year, I thought there could have been nothing crazier. 

NYC to close 'rubber rooms' for teachers in trouble

New York City and its teachers union agreed this week to shut down so-called "rubber rooms," reassignment centers where hundreds of suspended teachers go each school day instead of the classroom while their cases are pending. The teachers can sit for years and do nothing while still getting paid.
But I was wrong.  Just when you think you have heard everything, along comes something even crazier.  This most recent "inquisition" of teachers and teacher-librarians who have received RIF notices (Reduction in Force) in the Los Angeles Unified School District is quite beyond the pale.
Read Hector Tobar in the LA TimesThe disgraceful interrogation of LA school librarians (May 13, 2011)

Then read MizzMurphy's The Library is Not a Fruit blog:  Settle in. It's a long one.  (May 9, 2011)

This situation is so appalling that it almost makes a layoff or surplus or reassignment notice due to the chronic underfunding of education here in BC seem a kindness.  Whoever went into teacher-librarianship imagining such egregious and disrespectful treatment at the hands of the employer and its attorneys.  MizzMurphy, know that, when we get over the incredulity at how bad things can be of late for some of our neighbouring teaching brothers and sisters, our hearts are breaking for you and your TL colleagues.  Shame on LAUSD.

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