Friday, November 30, 2007

Changes in School Libraries

Movement in the District

We have seen changes in TL staffing the school libraries at Carleton, Beaconsfield, UHill Elementary, Begbie, Magee, and Van Horne.

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Have you checked the latest Pro D offerings? On December 10, we will be having another TL Studio session at Kerrisdale Elementary Library. See the latest research tools for primary students. Some people may wish to continue with wikis ... and I had some interested teachers from this week's Powerpoint session sign up to do more ... it will be more of the same kind of techno-fun so do try to come.

The other session for the month will be TL Accounting 101 on December 13 with someone from Accounting. I will do a short Excel lesson. Register online.

Email from IT-advancing colleague:

You might find this article on a school district banning Wikipedia of interest...

Banning Wikipedia at school: good idea or missed opportunity?


Greg's TOP 10 Picks
December 2007Exciting Ideas and Opportunities for Social Studies Teachers and Students!

1. Canadian Council for Geographic Education. CCGE programs aim to strengthen geographic education in the classroom and to increase the public awareness of the importance of geographical literacy.

2. Canadian Heroines. This great site is designed to encourage classroom study of the many important roles and contributions of women in Canadian History. Contests, pictures, profiles, lessons and many other resources and ideas are all available here.

3. Christmas in the "trenches". This is not a history lesson. Many Canadians will spend this Christmas fighting for peace in Afghanistan. Help your students show the troops they care.

4. Korea and China Calling. Join Canadian Social Studies teachers this summer as they journey to Asia to gain understanding of the legacy of the Asia-Pacific War and how it impacts on peace and reconciliation today. A very moving experience.

5. Little Women for Little Women in Afghanistan. Help a little 10 year old BC girl from the Okanagan raise the literacy rate of women in Afghanistan. Witness and participate in "the power of one"!

6. National Student Commonwealth Forum. Imagine a hundred or more young Canadians coming together for five days to explore global issues as well as national concerns. Inquire today!
7. Popper's List. Access on-line documentary videos from BBC, PBS, UKTV, Discovery Channel, History Channel, A&E and other sources.

8. Student Vote. A made in Canada program helping educators teach elections and active citizenship to students. SV provides free learning materials and electoral supplies to schools across Canada.

9. Vancouver 2010/EDU. An online, interactive, bilingual e-magazine enabling teachers and students to learn more about 2010 and the Olympic and Paralympic Movements.

10. World Book. Now may be the time to update your school encyclopedia. Until December 14/07 the 2008 WB is on sale at its lowest price in the past 10 years. Also check out sales on WB On-Line.

(Comments and ideas-Contact Greg at 250-485-8295 . Check out all the Top Picks for 2007 at the BC Social Studies Teacher's Association website and click on: links

Complete list of winners of the Governor General's Award

ENGLISH FICTION: Michael Ondaatje for Divisadero
FRENCH FICTION: Sylvain Trudel for La mer de la tranquillité
ENGLISH POETRY: Don Domanski for All Our Wonder Unavenged
FRENCH POETRY: Serge Patrice Thibodeau for Seul on est
ENGLISH DRAMA: Colleen Murphy for The December Man (L'homme de décembre)
FRENCH DRAMA: Daniel Danis for Le chant du Dire-Dire
ENGLISH NONFICTION: Karolyn Smardz Frost for I've Got a Home in Glory Land: A Lost Tale of the Underground Railroad
FRENCH NONFICTION: Annette Hayward for La querelle du régionalisme au Québec (1904-1931): Vers l'autonomisation de la littérature québécoise
TRANSLATION - FRENCH TO ENGLISH: Nigel Spencer for Augustino and the Choir of Destruction (translation of Augustino et le choeur de la destruction by Marie-Claire Blais)TRANSLATION - ENGLISH TO FRENCH: Lori Saint-Martin and Paul Gagné for Dernières notes (translation of Last Notes and Other Stories by Tamas Dobozy)
CHILDREN'S LITERATURE (ENGLISH) - TEXT: Iain Lawrence for Gemini Summer CHILDREN'S LITERATURE (ENGLISH) - ILLUSTRATION: Duncan Weller for The Boy from the Sun
CHILDREN'S LITERATURE (FRENCH) - TEXT: François Barcelo for La fatigante et le fainéant CHILDREN'S LITERATURE (FRENCH) - ILLUSTRATION: Geneviève Côté for La petite rapporteuse de mots, text by Danielle Simard

Winner of the Scotiabank Giller Prize:Elizabeth Hay, for Late Nights on Air


For secondary TLs:
A recommendation for more substantive materials -

From Mary Ellen Marus, Pathfinder, 604 324 2671, -- Pathfinder books touch on the history and social studies curriculum of grades 11 and 12. Teachers involved in the IB programs have been especially interested in the books and I have met with a few teachers and librarians in recent weeks.

Pathfinder titles include the writings and speeches of working class and revolutionary leaders from Che Guevara to Nelson Mandela. (Original source material is so important for research.) Many titles relate to the important events of the 20th c. – the Russian revolution, the rise of fascism, WW I and II, the Cuban missile crisis for example.Social issues are taken up from the suffragette movement to the women’s liberation movement of the 70s as well as the civil rights movement and the on-going fight against racism. Other books are about politics today from the roots of the conflicts in the Middle East to the volatility of the stock market. Have a look at the attachments as well as Pathfinder Press website to get an idea of the books.

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